Broads River Cruisers

Together with our friends and family we regularly race and cruise on the Norfolk and Suffolk broads. We enjoy making River Cruiser sails and during the sailing season many examples can be seen on our local waters.

Over the years we have gained a detailed understanding of the class and appreciate that each River Cruiser carries a unique history and boats are often enjoyed by many generations of sailors. We therefore pride ourselves in attention to detail and are confident in our ability to make fast sails that live up to expectations.

Each sail is designed and cut by computer, ensuring that the design is transferred directly onto the sail. They are then individually custom made and hand finished. We only use the very best sailcloth and fittings so that our sails not only look impressive but are engineered to last.

We provide our customers with on the boat guidance for optimal performance as well as best sail handling, storage and care to get the best out of our sails.

Please contact us to discuss your River Cruiser requirements.